About us

Our history

Białogóra is our place on earth. It all started several decades ago from holidays with parents in a resort for employees, through youth trips to travels with own children. It has continued like that until today. For years we have been visiting many generations accompanied by a bunch of friends.

After summer vacations the longing and anticipation for next year’s arrival remained.

This is how we came up with an idea to dig deeper and buy an old, pre-war house which we gave a new gleam. In the next stage we built four year-round houses in Scandinavian style, which we always liked so much when we travelled to Bornholm or visited Norway.

This is how our adventure, which we called Zachodni Wiatr, began.

We know Białogóra and its surroundings inside out, and we are happy to share the secrets of this beautiful place with our guests. We will tell you which paths are worth taking, where to sunbathe, where to watch the cranes, but also where to find delicious dishes here and in the surrounding area.

Zakochaj się w Białogórze

Białogóra is a seaside village located in Krokowa commune in Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is a unique, climatic and peaceful place.

Here the road ends and around you will find only beautiful forests, clean, wide and still wild beaches, endless dunes, even shifting ones.

You can find here many paths, wild trails, beautiful hills stretching in the forest for several kilometers, where you can wander being at the height of tree tops.

Białogóra is a place on the edge of Seaside Landscape Park and nature reserve Babnica. Many animal species live here, including deer, roe deer, wild boars, foxes and wolves. There are also cranes that can be heard and seen. Many valuable species of flora can be found here – lichen, sundew, myrobalan, beech-oak forests.

There are many cycling routes in Białogóra. The international route R10 leads through the village. You can also find here nordic walking paths and horse riding trails. In addition, there is a year-round stud farm.

Białogóra, despite rapid development, has retained the climate of a small, pleasant summer resort to which many people have been returning for years.

It is a family-friendly place, offering many attractions. There are several bike rental places, a playground, a football field, and a rope park. The beach is located 1 km from the village. The sea can be reached by a comfortable promenade, a horse-drawn carriage or many bike paths.

In the area there are two lakes – Żarnowieckie and Choczewskie. On the first you can enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing. The second is a clean body of water, great for swimming even for small children. It is an ideal place for fishermen with specially prepared for them piers.

In high season the village has a catering and commercial infrastructure.